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At Manik we offer a range of brands and products to produce the very best results for your hair:

Luxurious, immediately visible hair treatments with long-lasting results!

Because everyone is different, we provide specific proposals for the uniqueness of every woman and her hair.


Our product recommendations are guaranteed to restore hair to its original beauty regardless of its current condition. 80% of women need specific intense treatments for their hair.

Healthy hair is a must to add value to each stylistic cut and colour and to enhance every woman’s beauty!


Made in the UK, Denman products are used, enjoyed and endorsed by hairdressers in more than 60 countries worldwide. This iconic hairdressing brand which is renowned for its exceptional standards of quality, performance and innovation. Designed by hair dressers to suit all hair types, this is the one styling brush every girl needs to have.


Designed in Italy for the world stage. These aren’t just simple hair products, but the result of dedication and passion. Each product represents a story of excellence, enthusiasm and good vibrations.  The highest quality of hair colour brilliance offers tone perfection every single time. Low ammonia content and rich in silk protein extracts, AflaParf are the chosen products for Manik.


Boldly blonde, or courageously white and grey, this is a new treatment line of products for hair that you can be proud of. That’s It products are dedicated to the care of both natural and colour treated blondes, be they cool or warm, and white and grey hair. These products designed to make sure your hair stays looking the best it can, maintaining and enhancing your beautifully created salon colour. 


Professional grooming products designed by men, for men. American Crew® is more than just a lifestyle brand or a salon supplier; it's a landmark in the history of men's grooming. American Crew® is the leading salon brand created for men specifically to meet the needs of stylists.American Crew® continues to lead the way in the men's grooming business. With a passionate commitment to men's grooming, and a purpose of bringing men into salons, they provide men with great new experiences.


The leading brand in professional hair colouring and care, Goldwell are renowned for their success in creating excellence and a passion for beautiful hair. Professional products and colouring tools guarantee intense colors full of brilliance in all dimensions. Integrating intelligent colour systems with the latest state of the art formulas, developed over 40 years with industry experience and professional hair colour artistry, Goldwell delivers excellence and durability.


Through decades of evolution, MANIC PANIC® has become the internationally renowned hair color and cosmetics company it is today. Offering 100% natural vegan products, these eye popping colours are creating industry hair trends world wide. A colour range so vibrant and electric, with intermixable shades Manic Panic makes any hair colouring dream a possibility. Choose a colour which we stock at Manik or let us know which color you need and we can make a special order for you.


Developed in America and quickly becoming a market leader, this revolutionary product provides breakthrough technology in the professional hair industry. An innovative product for smooth, strong and incredibly healthy hair which enhances professional coloring and styling, Coco Keratin Smoothing Treatment is rich in active proteins. Made from a unique patented formula, this hair treatment rises above the competition. Used only by professionals and achieving perfect results every time, you haven’t had Keratin Smoothing until you’ve had Coco.


Keune is is taking the hair coloring industry by storm. With countless gorgeous, intermixable shades offering supreme conditioning, luminous shine and 100% coverage, this is a product not to be missed. Keune offers professional coloring which offers vibrant, intense colours that are long lasting and durable. Crafted by hairdressers for the professional industry, each product is uniquely designed to achieve excellence.

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